Strategic Consultation on Church Planting in the Americas

18 Jun 2015 Indianapolis, USA

The Lausanne Church Planting Network will convene a Strategic Consultation on Church Planting in the Americas on 18 June 2015 near Indianapolis, USA. The consultation will be held at the Wesleyan Church World Headquarters.

This consultation centers on the need to heighten collaboration among church planters in the North, Central, and South American regions. Our desire is to help cultivate churches that are theologically sound, culturally contextualized, and making impact for Jesus Christ in their communities.

This consultation will seek to address:

  • Strategic alliances. We will look at collaborative church planting efforts that create synergy and produce healthy communities of faith.
  • Renewing our understanding of biblical ecclesiology. What is the church and why does it exist?
  • Church planting in culturally diverse America. Are we a melting pot or a mixed salad? What kinds of church(es) will best serve future Americans?
  • Passing on to the next generation. We will look at the importance and challenge of passing on to the next generation our vision to plant healthy churches.

We hope this consultation will clarify our common vision for planting healthy churches in the Americas and reveal strategies to more effectively build up the body of Christ. It is by invitation only; individuals interested in attending should email [email protected].