Wisdom for Sustaining Your Ministry – Leadership Panel

Mutua Mahiani, Kristina Alikhanyan & Ole Magnus Olafsrud

Mutua Mahiani (President of The Navigators, Kenya), Kristina Alikhanyan (Lausanne Catalyst for Tentmaking, Armenia), and Ole Magnus Olafsrud (Chair of YLGen Mentoring Team, Norway) answer moderator Grace Samson-Song’s question, “What structures have sustained you as a leader in ministry?”. This is the first in a series of Leadership Panels from the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering held in Indonesia.

00:00 Introduction by Grace Samson-Song
01:21 Mutua Mahiani – Leading from Testimony Not Title
04:57 Kristina Alikhanyan – The Confessions of a Workaholic
08:57 Ole-Magnus Olafsrud – From Loneliness to Sustenance
12:45 Ole-Magnus Olafsrud – The Word and Close Friendships
14:14 Kristina Alikhanyan – Tentmaking Responsibly
17:01 Mutua Mahiani – Celebrating the Strengths of Our Team

Date: 05 Aug 2016

Grouping: Session Videos

Gathering: 2016 YLG


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