Seoul 2024 Congress Leaders Appointed

Lausanne Movement | 25 Aug 2022

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The organizing committee of the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, also known as Seoul 2024, has recently appointed a number of key roles for the congress including congress director, associate congress directors, programme chair, and participant selection chairs.

The Fourth Congress will take place from 22 to 28 September 2024 at the Songdo Convensia Convention Center in Incheon, South Korea. The organizing committee is co-chaired by Jaehoon Lee, chair of Korea Lausanne and pastor of Onnuri Church based in Seoul, and Michael Oh, Lausanne’s global executive director / CEO.

David Bennett, Lausanne’s global associate director for collaboration and content, will serve as the congress director for Seoul 2024. David brings with him a wealth of relational capital as well as broad missional experience and global understanding and insights. David will take the leading role in ensuring that Seoul 2024 proves to be a significant moment within the history of our Movement and global Christianity at large.

In addition, the committee has appointed three associate congress directors who each bring a uniquely valuable contribution to Seoul 2024:

Hyung-Keun (Paul) Choi, general secretary of the Korea Lausanne Committee and professor of mission studies and dean of strategic affairs at Seoul Theological University. He is a well-respected and influential voice in both his home country of South Korea as well as in the broader Asian church.

Evi Rodemann, founder and director of LeadNow, an organization which seeks to strengthen the church through investing in younger leaders. She also serves as the chair of YLGen’s Groups and Gatherings team. Until recently Evi worked as the events manager of the largest aluminum company in Germany.

Jiyoung Yoo is the co-leader of the Nehemiah Mobilization Teams which are part of the Lausanne 4 process and also serves as the secretary for Korea Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Generation. She is the operator and manager of a Christian publishing company, With Jesus Press.

The programme chair and the participant selection chairs were also named. These key roles will provide support to the directors and organizing committee.

Patrick Fung, programme chair for Seoul 2024, is a member of Lausanne’s Board of Directors and general director of OMF International. Patrick is actively involved in missionary training and preaching ministry and has extensive experience in global mission ranging from grassroots evangelism in city slums to executive leadership of organizations in boardrooms.

The participant selection chairs will be Las Newman, global associate director for regions, and Joseph Vijayam, catalyst for the Lausanne Workplace Ministry Network. More information about the participant selection process for Seoul 2024 will be released soon.


We invite you to join us in prayer for the organizing committee and all those helping to plan this seminal gathering.

We give thanks to God for bringing such faithful and skilled brothers and sisters into the strategic planning of Seoul 2024. May they be strengthened by the Spirit as they serve as Christlike leaders for the sake of God’s mission in our world.

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