Difficult Terms: 'Polycentric'

In this new series of short videos from the Lausanne Movement, we define key missional terms in an easy-to-understand way. Lausanne Movement gatherings have a long history of nurturing new missional terms, as global leaders at the forefront of missions gather to collaborate and move forward together. Words like ’10/40 window’ and ‘unreached people groups’ originated at the first Lausanne congress in 1974, and today our leaders continue to be at the forefront of defining missional language for our times. Our first video features Joseph ‘Joe’ Handley, Lausanne catalyst for leadership development, explaining the word ‘polycentric’.

Speaker's Bio

Joseph W Handley, Jr.

Joseph W Handley, Jr is the president of Asian Access. Previously he was the founding director of Azusa Pacific University’s Office of World Mission and lead mission pastor at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. He co-led one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses in Mexico City in 1996 and is a contributing blogger for the Billy Graham Center’s Gospel-Life Blog. Joe serves as co-catalyst for the Lausanne Movement in leadership development and on the advisory teams for the Nozomi Project, BiblicalTraining.org, and DualReach, as well as on the board for ReIgnite Hope. Joe strives to accelerate leaders for mission movements. Learn more about Joe: https://www.asianaccess.org/senior-leaders/bio-joe-handley