Difficult Terms: 'Health and Missions'

In this series of short videos from the Lausanne Movement, we define key missional terms in an easy-to-understand way. What does it mean to care for someone’s health? And what has that to do with reaching every person with the Gospel? Michael Soderling, Catalyst for Health for All Nations and CGO for the William Carey International University, explains the importance of a holistic understanding of health for missions.

Speaker's Bio

Michael Soderling

Michael received his MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin and finished his residency in OB/GYN in 1991. After 10 years of private practice in Wisconsin, he and his family moved to full-time cross-cultural work in Guatemala, where he co-founded and continues to serve as CGO (chief governance officer) for Salud que Transforma (Transformational Health, a Guatemalan C-FBO). While in Guatemala he, along with his wife Chris and several other individuals, founded El Refugio shelter for abused women. He also worked on the organizational development of Light and Life Christian School in Salquil Grande. 

In 2008 Michael earned an MBA in international development from Hope International University and subsequently taught an online course focused on health in development. His most important education, however, happened through nearly 10 years of mentorship with Dr Dan Fountain.  

Since returning full-time to the US in 2012, Michael has served as director of Health For All Nations, a global network of mission leaders and organizations dedicated to re-engaging the church with health and wholeness. In addition, he is the CGO for William Carey International University.

Michael is passionate about excellence in governance for Christian non-profits. He has spoken and conducted workshops at various gatherings globally. He is also a collaborator with the Winter Launch Lab (WinterLL) in Pasadena, California (US), which seeks to understand and come up with innovative solutions for the complex issues faced by the global church. 

Michael has been blessed to be married to Chris since 1986 and they have 2 sons, Ian and Taylor. Their daughter Leah was born in Guatemala and was adopted into the family at the age of 2. Michael loves hiking and reading and occasionally biking and backpacking.