Care and Counsel as Mission

Presentation speakers Brad Smith, Saul Cruz Jr, and Gladys Mwiti discuss the importance of and great need for Christian counselling, which is often the hole in holistic mission. Mwiti exhorts participants with conviction: ‘Let healing begin with us and then flow to the nations’.

Brad Smith is the Lausanne Senior Associate for Care and Counsel as Mission, Saul Cruz Jr is a psychologist in Mexico City, and Gladys Mwiti is CEO and founder of Oasis Africa.

This presentation was given at the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore, India, from 17-21 June 2013.

Speakers' Bios

Brad Smith

Brad Smith serves as the Lausanne Catalyst for Mental Health and Trauma, as well as the Director of Belhaven University's Institute for International Care and Counsel. Brad chaired the drafting committee for The Cape Town Commitment’s Care and Counsel as Mission section, which continues to be the foundational document for this work since the 2010 Lausanne Congress.

Gladys K. Mwiti

Gladys K. Mwiti, PhD, Consulting Clinical Psychologist and Trauma Specialist, is the Founder and CEO of Oasis Africa Center for Transformational Psychology and Trauma in Nairobi, Kenya. Author of five books, numerous journal articles, and book chapters, she is immediate past Chairperson of the Kenya Psychological Association (KPA).