Larry Kraft

Catalyst for Research and Strategic Information


Larry and his wife Stephanie are dual citizens of Brazil and the US, and have served as missionaries and co-workers in research with OC International ( for over 30 years. They graduated together from Johns Hopkins University and both also received an MA in missiology from the Fuller School of World Mission.

Larry has been ordained as an elder in the US and Brazilian Presbyterian churches. He served as director of research for OC’s Brazil affiliate (Sepal, Brasil) from 1987-2004, and as senior research consultant for OC’s North Africa / Middle East / Central Asia regions from 2004-2011.

From 2011 to the present, he has served as global director of research for OC International Research. Larry has been involved in the Lausanne International Researchers Network since 2005, and since 2008, as part of the steering committee. He also heads the WEA-MC Task Force, Global Community of Mission Information Workers, which produces the quarterly research e-newsletter, Correct Me If I’m Wrong.

Larry has a passion for raising up national research teams and is currently mentoring national researchers in several countries, especially Brazil. He has published several articles on research and a book in Brazilian Portuguese called Spying Out the Land: How to Understand Your City. Larry and his wife Stephanie reside in the UK.