Lausanne Younger Leaders

By God’s grace, The Lausanne Movement has historically been a part of raising up younger leaders who have gone on to play strategic global leadership roles. Some current global leaders who engaged in The Lausanne Movement in during their 20s and 30s include Ramez Atallah, Ajith Fernando, Peter Kuzmic, Susan Perlman, John Piper, and many more.

Younger Leader Gatherings

Lausanne is passionate about identifying, nurturing, empowering, and connecting younger leaders to the global Christian mission movement. One way we do this is through our Younger Leader Gatherings. 

The first time Lausanne brought together emerging leaders from around the world to focus specifically on world evangelization was in 1987 when 300 young evangelical leaders from more than 60 nations gathered for Singapore 87: A Conference of Young Leaders. Then in 2006, the Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG-06) held in Malaysia drew 550 young leaders from over 100 countries around the theme ‘Live and Lead like Jesus’.

A third Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG 2015) is planned for August 2015 in Kiev, Ukraine. Nominations for younger leaders to participate in the YLG 2015 are now being accepted until 28 February 2014

For questions about the YLG 2015, contact [email protected].

Global Mentoring Network

Lausanne is also currently constructing a global mentoring network to empower senior leaders to mentor younger leaders of all ministry and geographic contexts around the world.

With nearly 40 issue networks and 12 regional networks, Lausanne is actively working to connect younger leaders with seasoned ministry, marketplace, and academy leaders for cross-generational relationships. We also want to resource senior leaders around the world to be able to readily invest in the lives of younger leaders.

Funding a Leadership Harvest

One of the primary ways Lausanne funds younger leader initiatives is through the Leadership Harvest Initiative.

The Leadership Harvest Initiative seeks to mobilize undergraduate and graduate students in nations of affluence to invest in the development of young evangelical leaders around the world.

We are challenging students to give $100 each academic year toward the next generation of global Christian leaders as well as advocate for this initiative in their campus, church, and other networks.

Learn more about the Leadership Harvest.

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