Lausanne Global Classroom: Media and Technology

Episode Overview

This Classroom episode is on the interplay of Media and Technology and their impact on global evangelism and the church.

Many Christians in the West are so accustomed to a media-saturated culture and readily available technology that they often take it for granted and fail to think critically about it. Many parts of the Majority World, on the other hand, have experienced extremely rapid and unsettling changes due to the presence of media and technology.

Whatever the context, the church often struggles to know how best to respond.

The Cape Town Commitment notes that we must commit ourselves to a renewed critical and creative engagement with media and technology, as part of making the case for the truth of Christ in our media cultures (CTC II-A-4). Similarly, it recognizes that advances in all the emerging technologies (bio, info/digital, nano, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics) have deep implications for the church and for mission, particularly in relation to the biblical truth of what it means to be human (CTC II-A-6).

What does faithful discipleship look like in a world dominated by media and technology? This Global Classroom examines the influences of media and technology in the world and helps viewers consider ways of resourcing the global church to think critically and respond constructively to the messages of mainstream media and the usage of modern technology. 

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Episode Outline

  1. A Christian Perspective on Media and Technology
  2. Exploring the Intersection Between Media and Technology
  3. Addressing the Media-Technology Divide
  4. What Does God Say About Technology and Media?
  5. Personal Identity within the Media and Technology Environments
  6. Virtual and Physical Spaces in Media and Technology
  7. Building Relationships through Media and Technology
  8. Media, Technology, and the Church
  9. Calling the Church to Leverage the Positive Impact of Media and Technology
  10. The Challenges and Concerns that Media and Technology Pose
  11. Mobilizing Media and Technology to Bear Witness to Christ
  12. Becoming Faithful Users of Media and Technology

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