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Jewish Evangelism

Episode Overview

This Classroom episode is on Jewish Evangelism. Today less than two percent of Jews in the world believe Jesus to be Israel’s Messiah. Jewish evangelism is an essential part of world evangelism. If Jesus is not the Messiah for all, he is not the Messiah at all. For different reasons, many Christians today do not see the need for Jewish evangelism. Some believe that the church has lost its right to proclaim the gospel to Jewish people because of church history, especially the Holocaust. Others read the Bible to say that Jews have their own way to God and therefore do not need to hear or believe in Jesus as their Messiah and Saviour. Still others see God’s mission as starting only with Jesus and the New Testament, failing to see the New Testament story as the continuation and fulfilment of what God has done with and through the history of Israel and the Jewish people. This Global Classroom on Jewish Evangelism examines and addresses these aspects. The goal is to equip believers and leaders around the world on how to effectively evangelize Jewish people, sharing with them the Good News of Messiah Jesus.

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