Third Asia Lausanne Conference on Evangelism (ALCOE III)

23 - 28 Nov 1992 Bogor, Indonesia

The Third Asian Leadership Conference on Evangelism (ALCOE III) was held on 23-28 November 1992 at the Wisma Kinasih Conference Centre in Bogar, Indonesia. The conference was a blessed time of mutual fellowship, learning, and challenge to the 120 delegates who came from 13 different countries of the Asian continent.

ALCOE III—Chairman Addressing the Opening Session

Great changes have taken place since ALCOE III was held in Indonesia. The host country itself has seen great progress, but it is presently going through a traumatic time, economically and socially. The believers have taken the opportunity to be salt and light among their people. We hear of greater restrictions for believers in countries like Laos and Cambodia. Hong Kong has become part of China again and this development has been recognised by many as an opportunity for greater witness for the Lord Jesus. There are unrest and turmoil in different countries of Asia but the Gospel is being preached to more people in Asia than ever before. The Church of God in Asia is growing. However, the call of ALCOE III remains relevant—world evangelization. Until All Asia Hears the Word of the Lord.

General Coordinator
Asia Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation

New Delhi – 10 September 1998

Taken from the Preface to the ALCOE III Compendium. View entire Preface as an Adobe PDF Document. All documents from the ALCOE III Compendium are also available, as well as the ALCOE III Declaration and conference Press Release.