The Good News in a World of Fake News

22 Oct 2021 Online

The Lausanne Theology Working Group hosted the first webinar in ‘The Good News in a World of Fake News’, a three-part webinar series to promote a biblical understanding of the Christian gospel and, in particular, to distinguish between the gospel and distorted forms of the gospel now gaining ground in many parts of the world.

‘Knowing the Story’ (video recording above) took place on 22 October 2021 at 12.00 GMT. Participants learned how to distinguish between the gospel and presentations of the gospel that depart from the central truths of the gospel, often by failing to appreciate the way in which the gospel is part of the larger story of Scripture.


00:00 Introduction of Session & Speakers

05:35 Are Christians clear about what the gospel is?

14:32 What exactly is the gospel?

22:33 Why are the cross and resurrection and a suffering Savior so central to the gospel?

28:20 What is the main false gospel that you are aware of in your corner of the world?

36:09 How can the good news be a corrective to false gospels?

52:12 Wrapping Up – input from each of the speakers

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