Public Reading of Scripture Call February

8 Feb 2022 Online

Did you know that 57% of the world population lives in cities? Every week this number grows, with three million more people becoming urban dwellers.

Cities are where many of us live and work and fulfill our missional callings. For this reason, we want to extend a special invitation to you to join our next Public Reading of Scripture (PRS) call on 8 February, where we will hear from the Lausanne Cities Network on God’s work in the cities of the world.

We will also listen to Psalm 48, reflect on the eternal value of work, and have a time of discussion and sharing—a unique opportunity to connect and fellowship with brothers and sisters in the workplace from other countries and regions.

We are offering the call at two different times for your convenience.

Public Reading of Scripture: Cities and the Eternal Value of Work

8 February 2022 09.00 EDT / 14.00 GMT

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8 February 2022 21.00 EDT / 02.00 GMT (9 Feb)

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