Orality: Many Applications – One Mandate, ION North American Regional Conference

17 - 19 Sep 2018 Orlando, USA

The International Orality Network (ION) North America Conference was held in Orlando on 17-19 September 2018. ‘Orality: Many Applications—One Mandate’ was the theme. While there are numerous applications and aspects of the orality domain, the one mandate, which is the heart of what the network is about, is the Great Commission—communicating the gospel and making disciples, but doing so in ways that are biblical, universal, cross-cultural, and reproducible.

Attendees included:

  • Pastors, missionaries, church leaders/teachers
  • Children and youth workers
  • Business professionals, educators and students
  • Mission trip participants, community outreach leaders

Much of what was learned was actually how the gospel spread throughout the entire populated world in the first century, going back to the roots of the church. Jesus told stories as he taught. The apostles and the early church used oral methods to reach millions. Research shows orality is one of the most effective ways that people have learned, communicated, and processed information from the beginning of time.

In fact, US government statistics show that more than 50% are oral-preference learners and communicators today. Orality crosses every barrier and border on the planet and is being effectively used in short-term mission trips, business as mission, prison ministries, and outreach to immigrants and internationals. Research is now proving orality methods are effective in family devotions, oral inductive Bible studies, and in fostering unity and cooperation within local congregations and among church leaders.

There is a growing recognition of the benefits of orality methods and strategies right here in the North American context. Conference participants were exposed to examples and impact stories of how it’s working in churches and communities in the region, as well as the latest in research and practices.

Visit the Lausanne Orality issue network page for more information on orality.