Lausanne ISM Global Leadership Forum: Charlotte’17

11 - 16 Sep 2017 Charlotte, NC, USA

In keeping with the Lausanne purpose of connecting influencers and ideas for global mission, Charlotte’17 was the first global gathering of International Student Ministry (ISM) leaders and influencers to develop personal relationships, broaden networks, and give practical consideration for next steps in:

  • Pioneering and developing ISM in strategic locations
  • Expanding and enriching ISM in your context
  • Developing the global ISM ‘movement’ via regional networks
  • Addressing priority challenges and needs in ISM, including the issue of returnee ministry (preparation, contextualized discipleship, home-country network and connections), advanced academic ISM training and research, and encouraging and mentoring Younger Leaders in ISM
  • Considering other futuristic trends and opportunities

Charlotte’17 participants included national/regional ISM leadership, emerging Younger Leaders in ISM, diaspora missiologists and academic leaders, other relevant mission leaders, mission networks such as the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission, and leadership of the Lausanne Movement.

The Lausanne ISM issue network has convened three regional consultations of ISM leaders previously, in Singapore twice and in Amsterdam.