Issue Group 28: Effective Education for Evangelization

Educational strategies need to be developed which impact on values and attitudes as well as knowledge and skills if Christian families are to function as Christian faith communities. A stream to focus on theological education with a view to understanding what effective educational strategies for a Christian community are and to ensure that theological education is missional in intention.

The expected outcomes of the work done on this issue were:

  1. Agreed normative principles for educational strategies which will lead to a greater commitment to world evangelization both by the church and by individual Christians.
  2. The development of an international collegial network of informed and committed educators, by the cross-fertilization of strategies and methodologies for effective education for evangelization.
  3. Guidelines for the development of new and the potential for restructuring of existing institutions for theological education, adopting systemic approaches which will enhance world evangelization including some examples of best practice on ways to ensure that there is a mission emphasis in theological colleges.


Pieter Theron, Philippines/ South Africa
Missions Program Director and Professor,
Alliance Biblical Seminary, Manila, Philippines

Wafik Wahba, Canada
Associate Professor of Global Christianity, Tyndale Theological Seminary

Theresa R. Lua, Philippines
Academic Dean/Professor of Christian Education, Alliance Biblical Seminary, Manila, Philippines 

Read the Lausanne Occasional Paper (LOP) produced by this Issue Group:

LOP 57: Eeffective Theological Education for World Evangelization (.pdf format; 356 KB)