Issue Group 22: Confronting Racial, Tribal and Ethnic Conflict within the Christian Community

Seeking reconciliation and transformation. During this past forty years we have witnessed serious racial conflict in countries which are predominantly known to be ‘Christian’. The whole Church should learn from these sad experiences and have in place a teaching program which highlights the importance of everyone before the Creator.

The expected outcomes of the work done on this issue were:

There are countries which today are suffering from confrontation by groups identified as being Christian:

(a) what ministry can we have to these groups so that the gospel is not further disgraced, and

(b) how can we teach fellow Christians to set aside the racial prejudices which they may have inherited from earlier generations?


Chris Rice,
Author, Duke University

Celestin Musekura,
Founder & President, African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries

Moss Nthla,
South Africa

John Runyon,
Gordon Conwell Centre for Urban Mission

Read the Lausanne Occasional Paper (LOP) produced by this Issue Group:

LOP 51: Reconciliation as the Mission of God: Faithful Christian Witness in a World of Destructive Conflicts and Divisions (.pdf format; 404 KB)

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