Hybridity, Diaspora, and Missio Dei: Exploring New Horizons Consultation

19 - 22 Jun 2018 Manila, Philippines

On 19-22 June 2018 in Metro Manila, the Global Diaspora Network (GDN) and the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP) presented a consultation on Hybridity, Diaspora, and Missio Dei: Exploring New Horizons.

Cultural mixing is an ancient phenomena, but we see acceleration and intensification of cultural hybridity in the 21st century with contemporary globalization, urbanization, migration, and technology. The Lausanne Diaspora issue network recognizes the immense impact of cultural hybridity especially in relation to migration and mission in our present time.

The purpose of this consultation was thus two-fold: (1) To bring together academics and/or practitioners who are engaged in research and/or ministry among diaspora people groups to discuss and discover the implications of hybridity in the mission of God and (2) To compile the papers presented at the consultation for publication in order to enhance the study of missiology. 

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