Global Prayer for Tech

24 Apr 2020 Webinar

In this period of rapid change and uncertainty, technology has never been more important. Technology is ‘perhaps the only institution that touches, directly or indirectly, virtually every person on planet Earth.’ Thousands of people working in technology have the ability to influence billions and tackle the world’s toughest problems. However, in the Christian world, there is a digital divide between technology and ministry.

Emerging from last year’s Lausanne Global Workplace Forum held in Manila, Christian leaders from Google, Facebook, and the wider technology industry partnered together to organize the Global Day of Prayer for Tech. This virtual gathering sought to call the global church together for 24 hours to pray for those stewarding influential technology and to worship the Lord who is worthy of praise. The event began at 18.00 PDT on 24 April 2020. For more details of this event and to view a recording, visit