Global Integrity Network Gathering 2015

19 - 20 Oct 2015 Hong Kong

The 2015 Global Integrity Network Gathering will take place in Hong Kong on 19-20 October 2015. This gathering aims to generate personal and organizational practices of integrity from different sectors and cultures for learning and inspiration. During this event, the Global Integrity Network (GIN) also aims to lay down concrete action steps to champion the universal value and practice of integrity.

The Global Integrity Network is a response to the Call to Action of The Cape Town Commitment for the church to identify, expose, and denounce corruption in the name of the Lord Jesus. GIN envisions ‘a church of visible integrity transforming the world’.

Its strategy is to identify and promote good governance and accountability structures; pursue and engage in a movement of discipleship; educate and teach in all spheres of life; and promote examples and best practices of integrity.

For more information about this gathering or about GIN, please email [email protected].