Lausanne Global Consultation on Nominal Christianity

14 - 18 Mar 2018 Rome, Italy

From 14-18 March 2018 in Rome, Italy, the Lausanne Movement hosted the Global Consultation on Christian Witness to Nominal Christians in Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant societies.

This consultation aimed to examine the phenomenon of nominalism among Roman Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and Protestants/Evangelicals from sociological, theological, and missiological perspectives. It built upon the rich foundation laid by the 1980 Pattaya Consultation on Christian Witness to Nominal Christians, at which several key papers were produced, as well as the 1998 LausanneConsultation on Nominalism. Rather than duplicating what has already been said, the 2018 consultation encouraged further and updated analysis and sought to discern foreseeable trends for the future of global mission, in hopes of producing a wide range of resources to equip the church to address the challenge of nominalism.

In a world where over 2.5 billion people would define themselves as Christian, the Global Consultation on Nominalism was strategic and timely. Nominal Christians need to be equipped to embrace a more robust faith so that they can play a greater role in the global witness to Christ. This consultation explored and collaborated on ways in which the global church can better engage and equip nominal Christians.

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