February Public Reading of Scripture Call

13 Feb 2024 Online

You are invited to the Lausanne Workplace Ministry Network’s next Public Reading of Scripture (PRS) call on 13 February. During our next call we will listen to Psalm 137, Genesis 9-11 and reflect on the topic ‘When Ambition Becomes Tyranny’ with our brothers and sisters around the world. The Orality issue network will be our guest host.

Time: 09.00 EST (14:00 UTC) | Date: 13 February 2024

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Time: 21.00 EST (2:00 UTC, 14 February 2024) | Date: 13 February 2024 

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Join us as we listen to the Scriptures together and reflect on relevant topics with brothers and sisters around the world.

Despite the discouragement we often feel, the ultimate result of our work is in God’s hands. We can trust God not only to use what we have done, but in his time to also bring it to fulfillment. Our host— the Lausanne Workplace Ministry Network—will help show us how to be a faithful servant at work.