Exploring the 2024 State of the Great Commission Report in the Oceania Region

18 - 23 Jun 2024 Online

In this webinar, Jordan Mullen & Julie-anne Laird comment on their initial reflections of the Great Commission Report especially of its implications to the Oceania region. Join us on this multi-day event on June 18, 20 and 22, 2024 (Choose the date that best fits your reality).

In this webinar, the following key questions will be addressed:

– What is the state of the Great Commission globally right now?
– What challenges does the wider body of Christ face in fulfilling the Great Commission?
– What opportunities have arisen for reaching the lost and making disciples in this new era?

All of these questions are going to be contextualized for the Oceania region. 

They will also explore the challenges for the church, the rise of disciple-making movements, the cultural shifts since the pandemic and the potential of digital missions.