Church Planting Multiplication in Asia Webinar: God’s work in Palestine and Middle East

24 Oct 2023 Online

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Rev. Dr. Jack Sara will be sharing on how God is working in Palestine and the Middle East on.

Time: 18.30 THA (BKK); 19.30 HKT/PHT. | Date: 24 October 2023 

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Throughout history, Christian missionaries have travelled to new and unfamiliar places to spread the message of the gospel. Today, Christian missions in Palestine and the Middle East are still active, with individuals and organisations from diverse backgrounds working together to provide humanitarian aid and promote peace and justice in the region. 

Despite the challenges that these missionaries experience, including facing persecution and opposition from those who do not share their beliefs, their efforts have had a tremendously positive impact on local communities and transformed lives. 

We invite you to be a source of encouragement to those on the front lines, as we educate ourselves about their history and current state so that we can effectively support and partner with them.