Taiwan and Impending Crisis: Pray with Us

David Ro | 09 Aug 2022

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The next major global conflict may happen in Taiwan.

The next major global conflict may happen in Taiwan and East Asia. As the threat of crisis looms, David Ro, Lausanne regional director for East Asia, leads us in prayer.

Edited Transcript

My name is David Ro and I’m the regional director for the Lausanne East Asia region, and I would ask for your prayers right now for East Asia because the next major global conflict will happen in our region. And very likely it’ll happen in the next year or two.

Very soon, China and Taiwan will have something major taking place. We don’t know exactly what will happen but China, the US, and Taiwan will probably have a major conflict. And it’ll be over Taiwan. And so if you can pray for especially for the leaders of those countries—pray for President Xi Jinping, pray for President Biden in the US, as well as President Tsai in Taiwan, that they would really make wise decisions and that they would promote peace.

We pray also that the people on the island of Taiwan would be able to really come together and try to come and seek peace during this very difficult potential crisis. Also pray for Chinese leaders and the Chinese government, and the military—pray that they would exercise caution and wisdom. And just also pray for the other countries in East Asia that will continue considering getting into the conflict, whether it’s Japan or even the Koreas.

Pray with me right now for East Asia.

Heavenly Father, I just lift up East Asia to you. I pray, God, that you would especially watch over this next season. Temperatures are rising with the situation in Taiwan. We ask God for the leaders, that they would exercise wise judgment and that they would come together and find areas of peace. Lord, we pray especially for President Xi Jinping and the Chinese government, we ask that they would exercise caution right now. We pray for President Biden and the US government as well, that with their military, we ask God that they would not exercise anything that would cause more conflict.


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And we just pray for the Taiwanese people. We pray for them as they are going through potential concerns, Lord. We pray that they would look to you. We pray for President Tsai and for the Taiwanese government also to exercise wise judgment. Lord, we just pray for this region. We pray for the other countries that may get involved and we just ask, God, that your sovereignty will come and bring about peace in our region. We pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

David Ro is the Lausanne regional director for East Asia and director for the Christy Wilson Mission Center at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.