A Celebration of God’s Faithfulness to the Community of Mission Information Workers

27 Jul 2021 Online

The Community of Mission Information Workers celebrated ten years of the e-bulletin Correct Me If I’m Wrong! on 27 July 2021. The virtual gathering included a time of worship, breakout sessions hosted by Molly Wall, Samuel Kabreab, Justin Long, Steve Moon, and Stan Nussbaum, a plenary session by Patrick Johnstone on the development of missions information work and workers, and a little party favor for all who attended.

The Community of Mission Information Workers began in 2010 as a WEA-MC Task Force that has expanded to serve mission information workers within both the WEA-MC and the Lausanne International Researchers’ Network. The website ( serves as the archive for as many of the Lausanne International Researchers’ Conference papers as we have been able to gather over the years.