2004 Forum Frequently Asked Questions

What was the purpose of the 2004 Forum?

The 2004 Forum examined trends and issues facing worldwide evangelization and sought to address those issues through the development of specific action plans that can be implemented across the globe.

Who attended the 2004 Forum?

Over 1,500 Christian leaders from around the world attended the 2004 Forum. These leaders included experts on specific issues, theologians, pastors, researchers, educators, evangelists, leaders among denominations, mission agencies, networks, laity and prayer movements. These leaders worked together in one of 31 Issue Groups.

How was the 2004 Forum different from other international gatherings of Christian leaders?

The Forum was not designed to be a networking meeting or to create collaborative global or national partnerships, as important as those goals have been for previous global Church meetings. Rather, participants focused on 31 issues impacting world evangelization and were charged with the responsibility of defining their issue, outlining the obstacles to evangelism and gathering background on “best practices” related to the topic. Each Issue Group included: experts in the topic, theologians, pastors, researchers, educators, and evangelists, as well as leaders among denominations, mission agencies, networks, laity and prayer movements.

The Forum had four distinctives:

  1. Participants were selected to participate in a specific Issue Group
  2. Each Issue Group conducted its own independent selection process
  3. Each Issue Group has gathered representative voices from the whole breadth of the church
  4. There will be limited financial assistance to attend for the Forum–
    primarily directed to the portions of the world where the need is the greatest.

What was the purpose of the Issue Groups?

Thirty one specific issues that impact evangelism have been identified through a comprehensive world-wide research effort of listening to God’s voice as reflected through the input of a diverse group of Church leaders. These issues were addressed by teams of 30 to 70 persons each, who worked in researching, collecting best practices and preparing to articulate an action plan that the Church can implement through denominations, local churches and focused ministries.

How can I stay current with information that comes out of the work done at the 2004 Forum?

Lausanne distributes a free ENewsletter that provides monthly reports on the Forum and other international evangelism news. The ENewsletter will help you stay informed about the Issue Groups, give you an opportunity to pray for those attending and offer post-Forum reaction and strategy. Sign-up for the ENewsletter.