Workplace Panel Discussion

Bob Doll, Keith Chua, Jerry White and Steve Osei-Mensah

Panelists Bob Doll, Keith Chua, Jerry White, and Steve Osei-Mensah, who together have over a century of experience in the workplace, speak on the need for laypeople to be equipped and live out a missional calling in the workplace. The majority of the world spends their waking lifetime in the workplace and must be reached there. Yvonne Choo moderates.

Bob Doll is Chief Equity Strategist at Nuveen Asset Management. Keith Chua is Managing Director of the Alby Group and Executive Chairman of the Board of ABR Holdings. Jerry White is President and Chairman Emeritus of The Navigators International and serves on the Lausanne Movement Board of Directors. And Steve Osei-Mensah is an independent consulting partner and serves on the Board of Trustees at A Rocha International and Langham Partnership International.

This presentation was given at the Lausanne Global Leadership Forum in Bangalore, India, from 17-21 June 2013.

Date: 19 Jun 2013

Grouping: Session Videos

Gathering: 2013 Bangalore


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