The Church in a Post-COVID World (Part 2)

28 May 2021

COVID-19 has decisively impacted and disturbed the universally established notions and practices of being ‘church’. Unprecedented restrictions on physical gathering and lengthy lockdowns radically affected traditional means of corporate worship and fellowship and forced Christian communities to adopt newer technologies to stay connected and practise the faith. To explore the effects of COVID on the global church, the Lausanne Theology Working Group hosted a series of two webinars on ‘The Church in a Post-COVID World’.

This recording is from the second webinar on 28 May 2021. Listen as global panelists Heidi Campbell (Texas A&M University), Rei Crizaldo (Tearfund and the Micah Network), O. J. Dickson (ECWA Central Area Church, Abuja, Nigeria), and David Lim (Asian School for Development and Cross-cultural Studies) consider the pastoral and missional practices that have shaped the church’s response to the pandemic around the world.

Millennials During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How have millennials experienced church during the COVID-19 pandemic? In this series based on three key questions, the Lausanne Theology Working Group invited a number of young Christians from different parts of the world to share their experiences of church during the pandemic.

  1. What could the church have done better during the pandemic? Part 1 | Part 2
  2. What did the pandemic teach you about faith? Part 1 | Part 2
  3. What is one thing you would have done to bring hope during the pandemic? Part 1 | Part 2

Watch Part 1 the Webinar