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Editor’s Note: The Chinese Church was barely represented at The Third Lausanne Congress in Cape Town in October 2010 as Chinese participants were unable to leave China. In 2011 plans were laid quietly for a special event for these Chinese church leaders, to be held elsewhere in East Asia. Over one hundred unregistered church leaders from mainland China arrived safely in Seoul, representing millions of Chinese believers. The participation of the Chinese leaders in the 300-strong Asian Church Leaders Forum (ACLF) marked the first time since 1949 that such a group of Chinese Christian leaders had taken part in a multi-national gathering. It was a symbolic moment in church history.

At the final session in Seoul, Ezra Jin (Beijing Zion Church) led the Chinese leaders in drafting and signing their own commitment called the “Seoul Commitment” as a Chinese response to the Cape Town Commitment released from the Cape Town 2010 Congress.

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The Seoul Commitment

We commit ourselves to loving the gospel of Christ. We are determined to humbly learn the vision of evangelization of the Lausanne Movement, to walk in the light of the gospel, to proclaim the gospel in Chinese society, and to advance the evangelical movement.

We commit ourselves to maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. We are determined to receive one another, to strive for the unity exemplified in the Lausanne Movement and to live out a loving covenant community, so that we can bring praise to His glory as a spectacle to angels and men.

We commit ourselves to joining hands with the global church in world missions. We are determined to take the vision of world mission of the Lausanne Movement, to pray faithfully for world missions, and to take action in mission mobilization, mission education and missionary sending.

We commit ourselves to raising up younger leaders of the next generation. We are determined to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our era in the spirit of Lausanne Movement, pass the vision of evangelization onto the younger generation and proclaim the salvation message of the old rugged cross with creative methods.


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