Leighton Ford 20 Jul 1989

Since 1974 “Lausanne” has become the name for more than a city or for the International Congress on World Evangelization held in that city. Lausanne has become known around the world as a movement which stands for completing the task of world evangelization, for cooperation in that cause and for networking between evangelical leaders in that task. Lausanne II in Manila has played a significant role in that movement.

It was significant in its purpose: to focus the whole church of Jesus Christ in a fresh way on the task of taking the whole gospel to the whole world.

It was significant in its representation: 4,300 in attendance from 173 countries, including the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and with a larger proportion of women, lay persons and younger leaders than at previous conferences.

It was significant in its timeliness: building on the foundation of Lausanne ’74, on the work which has taken place since then, and leading into the final decade of this century.

It was significant in its breadth: consideration was given to scores of important topics, ranging from the A.D. 2000 movement, to the work of the Holy Spirit, to liberating lay people, to the heart-cry of the poor of our world—and all related to Christ’s global cause.

Ultimately, however, the significance of Lausanne will be judged not by the event, but by significant advances in world evangelization which will follow in the decade ahead. This compendium is a digest or summary of Lausanne II and can be both an important record and a valuable resource in the years ahead for all concerned with world evangelization. The pages of this book contain much of the important material from Lausanne II, but still only a small proportion of all that happened.

It is also fitting to express thanks to Thomas Wang, the Congress Director, and the key members of his Congress staff: Paul McKaughan, Ed Dayton, Brad Smith, Jim Newton, Joe Sindorf, Ric Jumawan, and many others who made Lausanne II possible. I particularly want to single out our good friend Jim Douglas, who once again has masterfully edited a vast amount of material into this readable book.

On behalf of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, I commend this work with the prayer that all who read may find their hearts kindled again with the “spirit” of Lausanne, and may be moved with fresh urgency, sacrifice, and cooperation to proclaim Christ until he comes.

—Leighton Ford

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