In a world filled with gods demanding our time and shaping our lives, the call to take our one God seriously is as urgent today as it was in ancient Greece. What can give us the courage to go, the conviction to speak, and the conversion that brings life? What can breathe true fullness of life into our lukewarm lives of death? Contrary to what the world tells us, the answer is not in our influence, power, money, or gifts, but rather in the upside-down power of the gospel.

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    • 00:00 Introduction and Prayer
    • 04:05 The Philosophers of Athens and the Foolish Wisdom of the Church
    • 08:54 Courage to Go, Conviction to Speak, Conversion to Life
    • 13:15 Not a Trickle-Down Effect
    • 17:00 Life in a Place of Lukewarm Death

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