God works in mysterious, beautiful ways: a bitter, angry teenager mired in sexual sin meets Christ and grows to lead thousands of sex slaves to freedom; a single meal of kosher Sri Lankan curry transforms a man into a peacemaker. Reconciliation at all levelsbe it personal, communal, or across nationsis risky and can be crippling in its complexity. But God only calls us to take that very small first step. This inspiring panel discussion features the invaluable wisdom and powerful testimonies of Pranitha Timothy (India) and Prashan de Visser (Sri Lanka).

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  • 00:00 Introduction (Grace Samson-Song)
  • 02:26 This Broken Body and Heart of Stone (Pranitha)
  • 07:05 What About the Youth? (Prashan)
  • 12:20 Anointing, Presence, and Transformation (Pranitha)
  • 16:03 A Kosher Sri Lankan Curry (Prashan)
  • 20:11 Conclusion (Grace)


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