We who live on earth today are not very different from the people of Babel, putting our trust in the things we build, buy, and desire. In all this, we try to make a name for ourselves rather than glorifying the one true living God. How can we find real healing from our addiction to self sufficiency? How can we find the courage to live and die for Christ? If you watch one thing today, let it be this passionate, empowering sermon by Anne Zaki (Egypt), who answers these questions and more.

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  • 02:42 Intro to Genesis 11, ‘The Tower of Babel’
  • 07:18 Why Was Building the Tower So Bad, Anyway?
  • 12:06 God Resets and Protects Humanity
  • 14:07 The Many Disguises of Pride, and a Call to Action
  • 18:39 The Living Voice of the Creator
  • 24:17 A Modern-Day Babel: ISIS and the Church
    29:48 Zaki’s Prayer

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