Editor’s Note: Ten years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, over 4,000 Christian leaders from 198 countries gathered as one body to call the global church to action, shaping world missions as we know it today. During this month of the 10th anniversary, explore our curated resources from Cape Town 2010 as we move forward into a new decade.

Our world is rife with divisions and conflict, and Christians aren’t surprised by this; it is a natural consequence of sin. What does Christian unity then mean both for the world and for our imperfect local churches? Reflecting on Ephesians 4:1-16, Vaughn Roberts explores the unglamorous but great ministry of the word and prayer, pointing us to God’s plan to unite all things in Christ.

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    • Part 1:
    • 00:00 Prayer and Introduction
      05:13 An Outworking of God’s Call
    • Part 2:
      00:13 Unity Doesn’t Mean Uniformity
      05:00 All Are Ministers
      09:39 The Task of Speaking the Truth in Love

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