Beruit, Lebanon

1-4 May 2012

Forty four younger leaders represented 12 Arab Countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, Palatine, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain), gathered in Beirut Lebanon May 2012.


The conference main goal was:

To build a network among Younger Leaders who live and participate in common ministries in the MENA region.

Three main topics covered were:

  1. Partnership
  2. Mentoring
  3. Generosity


Phil Butler from Vision Synergy explained in a biblical way of how to build kingdom partnerships. Phill enriched his lectures by using his own partnership field booklet.

Following Phill’s lectures, twenty participants shared their visions and dreams for their ministries.  Thirty five participants provided a one page document about what they wish to see happening on their ministry, country and the whole MENA Region.  The varied visions included the following:

  • Training centers in big cities to train college students in order to serve among school students.
  • Big Evangelical events.
  • Producing Christian Arabic film.
  • Christian coffee shop.
  • Virtual seminary.
  • Joint worship team from all denominations.
  • Creating 100,000 jobs for MENA Youth by 2020.

These proposed visions were distributed among seven working groups as follows:

  1. Sport Ministry
  2. Community Development Ministry
  3. Business as Mission Ministry
  4. College Ministry
  5. Training Ministry
  6. Evangelism & Church planting
  7. Media Ministry

A follow-up will be taking place with each group leader.

2- Mentoring:

Stacy Rinehart from Mentor Link trained five group leaders on how to use the manual named Passing It On, which helped the group leaders in leading their small groups.

3-Generosity and stewardship:

Matt Mancinelli from Generous Giving, developed great materials especially for this event and also he used three interesting video clips (Mizo story, Bishop Hannigton and Alan Bernhart) to encourage and challenge younger leaders to be good stewards and generous givers. Also, Sas Conradie, Global Generosity Movement Coordinator, sent a CD full of recourses on Generosity, which was distributed to the participants.

Open discussion with Dr. Andrea Zaki

On the last day, an open discussion with  Dr. Andrea Zaki Stepahnous , the Vice President of the Protestant Churches in Egypt and the International Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa for The Lausanne Movement.  Participant questions were mostly focused on the challenges that facing both the Christians and the Younger Leaders in the MENA region.

Interviews with samples of participants:

YLG Participants WorshipRemon

Remon is an Egyptian participant who lives in Dubai and serves at Dubai Evangelical church. Remon assists with the Drama team as well as ministers by sports between youth aged from 18-40 years old.

Remon knew about Lausanne through the Lausanne regional representative for the Gulf as well as through Lausanne’s website.

The conference touched Remon’s heart in such areas:

  • Partnership has to consider others interests  rather than self-interests
  • To think big
  • In order to achieve your dream, a plan has to be determined and then smaller steps have to be taken in order to reach your ultimate goal.

Remon hopes for further communication among the Arab younger leaders.  Remon thinks of establishing an Arabic Website where videos, songs and ceremonies are to be uploaded can be of great blessings to the youth of the MENA region.

Hala: Tunisia

Hala is a converted Christian Tunisian lady.  Hala and her family accepted Jesus Christ through watching The Jesus Film 12 years ago.  God led an Indian couple to the family who offered them a Bible and gave them biblical teaching lessons that helped them to know more about Christianity.  Hala has been touched by the conference and wishes to attend further trainings in the future and also wishes to see further cooperation among the youth of Arab MENA region.  Hala has a big desire to study theology as to be an ordained pastor in the future in order to attract her people to the Lord.  Please put Hala and her family on your prayers.

Mohned: Algeria

Mohend is a converted Christian Algerian man who serves at his local church.  Mohned has been touched by LYL conference and hopes for a wider cooperation among younger leaders in the Arab region.  Mohned added that hundreds of thousands in the North Africa accepted Jesus Christ as a Saviour but they do not find people to follow up their growth.  Recently the launch of the Christian Satellite called Channel North Africa (CNA) which broadcasts gospel teachings helped the converts of this region.  Mohned wishes to find donors to support more TV programs on this channel because it is the most effective direct way to reach those who live in a very Islamic restricted area.

Participants’ Testimonies

“The diversity of the participants was great; I am back from this gathering with 2 years of work to finish.”

“Although I have travelled a lot to the MENA, I had a great chance to meet with many leaders who are willing to start Sport ministry in countries where we have not had any ministry yet there.”

“I heard God’s voice clearly on this event and he confirmed what he had said to me earlier.”

“It was the first time to hear about generosity and stewardship; it transforms my understanding in this area.”


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