A Global Call to Engage Nominal Christians

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Resourcing the global church to understand nominal Christianity, that the missing ‘Christians’ might come home

The Lausanne Movement organized a Global Consultation on Nominal Christianity in Rome in March 2018. Forty theologians, missiologists, social scientists, and mission practitioners from all regions of the world came together for a renewed focus on Christian witness among nominal Christians.

The Lausanne Rome 2018 Statement on Nominal Christianity is now being released. It is an urgent call to place witness to nominal Christians on the agenda of the global church.

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French pastor and Lausanne Regional Director for Europe Jean-Paul Rempp was chair of the consultation in Rome. He explains that the consultation came out of Cape Town 2010, where nominal Christianity was identified as a key missional challenge. Through the Rome consultation, participants shared valuable insights and reflections that helped shed further light on the complexity and urgency of the issue. Rempp and the other participants pray that through the consultation statement and other emerging resources, the global church would respond to the often-neglected challenge of nominal Christianity.”

Papers from the consultation will be published in a book, summarized in a Lausanne Occasional Paper (LOP), and submitted to various websites, magazines, and journals. Concepts, perspectives, and reflections from the consultation will also be presented as videos in the Lausanne Global Classroom.

Watch the following highlight video from the Lausanne Rome 2018 Global Consultation on Nominal Christianity: