Until All Asia Hears the Word of the Lord

ALCOE III Declaration

We, the one hundred and twenty participants of the Third Asian Leadership Conference on Evangelism (ALCOE III), gathered from thirteen countries at Wisma Kinasih, Bogar, Indonesia on November 23-28, 1992 to assess the status of evangelisation in Asia, to listen to God’s Word and pray together, and to work out ways for greater cooperation are:

  1. Thrilled with the progress of the gospel in many parts of our continent, as we heard of large numbers of people coming to Christ, and churches being planted
  2. Pained by the reality of persecution in some places, yet encouraged by the creative and culturally sensitive witness of fellow believers in these places
  3. Made acutely aware that evangelism is spiritual warfare, a clash between the kingdom of God and the forces of darkness, bur rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit, at times manifest in signs and wonders
  4. Led to our knees as we discovered afresh the priority of prayer in evangelism
  5. Challenged to be the Christian leaders that we need to be in order to change the face of our continent, but strengthened by the new generation of younger leaders who are eager to work together far the sake of the gospel
  6. Provoked by the many issues of modernity, culture, old and new religions, the role of women, the gospel and politics, etc., which must be faced for faithful and effective witness
  7. Undaunted by the enormity of the task that remains to be done, in this least evangelised of all the continents, where more than half the world’s peoples live

We call upon all our brothers and sisters across Asia who share with us the conviction that Jesus alone is the Saviour of the world, to unite with us in the vision of mobilising all God’s people in the spread the gospel.

We commit ourselves afresh to work together with all who love the Lord Jesus, to pray, to do all we can for the speediest evangelisation of our region, “until all Asia hears the Word of the Lord” (Acts 19:10).


November 1992