Why Migrant Workers Signify An Opportunity For The Gospel

In this episode of ‘God on the Move’, Kumar Aryal, the founder of the Himalayan Hope Foundation, delves into his missionary journey among Nepali compatriots working abroad in Malaysia. He elaborates on how churches, which often receive migrating individuals, can serve as beacons of hope for the displaced and foster new life in Christ.

If you are a Christian seeking to discover stories of how God moves in different parts of the world, then this podcast is for you.

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Guests in This Episode

Kumar Aryal

Kumar is the founder and executive director of the Center for Holistic Development Nepal. He also serves on the board of TeachBeyond Philippines and is an advisory board member at Asia Graduate School of Theology, Nepal. Additionally, he coordinates the PhD program for South Asia at the Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies. With a PhD in international development, Kumar previously taught intercultural studies at the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila, Philippines. His research focuses on poverty, migration, holistic development, and social justice. He is married to Kathryn and they have two boys.

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