The Complexity of Faith: Jewish Evangelism and the Gospel in Jerusalem

In this episode of ‘God on the Move’, Yoel Ben David shares about living as a Jesus-following Jew in Jerusalem. Yoel discusses his complex cultural and spiritual journey from growing up in Europe and Israel to becoming an Anglican priest. He recounts his personal experience with Jesus, struggles with Jewish identity, Orthodox tradition, and the challenges of evangelizing in a conflicted region. Yoel also explores the impact of the October 2023 conflict on his ministry and family, underlining his mission to communicate the Gospel to Jewish people.

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Guests in This Episode

Yoel Ben David

Yoel Ben David has been serving with Jews for Jesus for over 20 years, beginning his ministry while studying at Israel College of the Bible. Born in Israel but raised in Europe, Yoel came to faith in Jesus in 2001 during his military service in the Head Rabbinical Corps. His journey to Christianity started with a deep exploration of the Torah and Jewish mysticism, ultimately leading him to the New Testament and a transformative encounter with Isaiah 53.
After earning an MA in theology and leadership from Western Seminary, Yoel has held various roles within Jews for Jesus including work in the USA, UK, and head of training for missionary staff in Israel. He now leads the work in Jerusalem, bringing the gospel to the city where his faith journey began.
Yoel and his wife, Adel, who also works with Jews for Jesus, have four children. Their eldest daughter, Noa, has completed her military service, while their son Boaz is currently a combat soldier. Their younger children, Nati and Naomi, are still in high school.

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