Of Reptiles and Amphibians: Cultivating Wonder for God’s Love in Singapore’s Nature

In this episode of ‘God on the Move’, Prarthini Selveindran shares how she learned to encounter God by reading the book of nature He Himself created. She also reveals how her passion for amphibians and reptiles — especially snakes and frogs — and her study of fascinating creatures and ecosystems led her to understand that caring for creation is deeply valued by God. 

If you are a Christian seeking to discover stories of how God moves in different parts of the world, then this podcast is for you.

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Guests in This Episode

Prarthini Selveindran

Prarthi pursued her university studies at the National University of Singapore and later became involved with the Varsity Christian Fellowship. Currently, she serves with the Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Singapore, and since 2015, she has volunteered with A Rocha International. This involvement led her to co-edit the book ‘God's Gardeners: Creation Care Stories from Singapore and Malaysia.’

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