From the Slums of Uganda to Founding a Conglomerate Social Enterprise

In this episode of “God on the Move,” Emmanuel Trinity shares his experience growing up in a slum in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. He remembers how his life was rescued through the gift of the Gospel and recounts how a computer opened up unimaginable opportunities. Emmanuel explains that after finding economic independence and job security, he began seeking ways to provide other children with the same opportunities he had, and now plans to create 10,000 jobs for young people across Africa.

If you are a Christian seeking to discover stories of how God moves in different parts of the world, then this podcast is for you.

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Era92 Group

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Guests in This Episode

Emmanuel Trinity

Emmanuel is a serial social entrepreneur from Kampala, Uganda, with a passion for upskilling the next generation of digital talent in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in Africa. He is also the co-founder of era92 Group, a group of social enterprises on a mission to reverse engineer poverty and create prosperity for Africans through businesses and microfinance, which has created over 2,000 jobs for youth from the slums of Uganda.

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