Faith in Practice: A Journey in Family Medicine and Faith

In this episode of “God on the Move,” seasoned family physician Walt Larimore reflects on how God has sustained him through his more than 40 years of service, which led him to perform over 1500 deliveries. From his childhood in Louisiana to his medical practice in Colorado, and his heartfelt ministry efforts, Walt talks about the blend of medicine and missionary work, mentoring moments, and the continuous quest to listen to God’s voice. Having retired from direct patient care in December 2021, he reviews the deep spiritual convictions that have guided his life thus far and discusses what lies ahead.

If you are a Christian seeking to discover stories of how God moves in different parts of the world, then this podcast is for you.

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Guests in This Episode

Dr Walt Larimore

Dr. Walt is a distinguished family physician and prolific author. Recognized in prestigious listings like The Best Doctors in America and Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, his career spans impactful roles from Vice President at Focus on the Family to serving as Medical Director at Mission Medical Clinic. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, with multiple certifications including sports medicine. As an award-winning author of over 41 books and numerous medical articles, his works, such as "At First Light," have received international acclaim. Dr. Larimore’s contributions to medicine and literature continue to inspire through his extensive writing and influential media presence.

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