Divine Wisdom to Bring the New Testament to Greece

In this episode of God on the Move, Janet Sewell talks about Operation Joshua. This Hellenic Ministries project has distributed New Testaments to households in rural Greece for the past 15 years, employing heavenly wisdom to expand missions in the birthplace of Western civilization.

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Guests in This Episode

Janet Sewell

Janet Sewell is French, English, and Icelandic and thus considers herself a European missionary. She currently serves as the technical support operations assistant for the Lausanne Movement and as operations manager for Lausanne Europe.

Janet spent 14 years in Greece as a missionary with Hellenic Ministries. Her work has ranged from being an event coordinator to IT support, sailor, photographer, sound engineer, and web developer. She is a graduate of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics and is currently working on an MA in contemporary missiology with a European focus. She is married to Mehran, a wonderful Persian man, who is church planting among Iranians in London. Her passion is to reach all of Europe for Christ.

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