A Spiritual Awakening in the Cold of Denmark

In this episode of “God on the Move,” Thomas Frovin discusses the rising spiritual interest among the Danish people. Despite widespread secularization in Denmark and central Europe, new trends indicate an openness to various faiths, creating a unique opportunity to share the Gospel with those from a secular background.

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Guests in This Episode

Thomas Frovin

Thomas Frovin serves as a pastor at Apostle Church (Apostelkirken, in Danish), a Church of Denmark building located in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Frovin holds a BA in History and Eastern European Studies, with prior experience in church work in Albania and Peru. Ordained as a priest in 2022, he served as a project leader in "I Mesterens lyd," aimed at connecting the church with the emerging spiritual world. Thomas contributes to spirituality through articles, opinion pieces, and books, including "Ånd og Arvegods," published in 2022.

Despite Apostelkirken being his first pastoral position, Thomas brings two decades of experience engaging in religious dialogues, both domestically and internationally.

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