God in the Midst of Ethiopian Strife

In this episode of God on the Move, Alayu Dubale talks about the ministry of Global Call and their threefold strategy to serve as God’s hands and feet for the churches of Africa. He shares how thousands of people turn to Christ despite severe persecution and how Tertullian’s famous words ring true in Ethiopia and surrounding countries.

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Guests in This Episode

Alayu Dubale

Alayu Dubale, Yegile Mengistie, and their five children have been serving the African churches for the last 28 years, planting churches, making disciples of all nations, and raising emerging leaders. Following the moving of Alayu, his wife Yegile and their 5 kids to the USA, Global Call was established in 2015 and uses a holistic approach to train the indigenous leaders to put the gospel into practice so that all of life in the village will be transformed. Alayu has received a BTH from Evangelical Theological College, Ethiopia and an MBA in International Business from Greenwich University, London.

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