English, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking Africa

From highrise buildings to mud huts, from world class beaches to majestic mountain ranges, from tropical jungles to savannah plains and arid deserts, Africa is a vast and beautiful continent. The church in EPSA (English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking Africa) is active and growing, but continues to face many challenges. In light of the high levels of poverty in this region, false teachings and false ‘prosperity’ gospels that have sought to ‘peddle’ the good news undermine the huge growth that is concurrently being experienced. Africa also encompasses a wide variety of traditional beliefs which are deeply ingrained in African culture, leading to prevalent syncretism.

Despite the challenges, opportunities abound, including a vast youth demographic, with 18 being the average age of the African population, the many remaining unreached people groups, and numerous booming megacities drawing large numbers of migrants. In 2010 The Third International Congress on World Evangelization was held in this region, in Cape Town, South Africa. By continuing to grow in unity and increase collaborative efforts facilitated by the Lausanne Movement, the ESPA church can multiply its impact in Africa to further the cause of the Great Commission.

Welcome from Our Regional Directors

Pray for our work in English, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking Africa (EPSA)Welcome from Our Regional Directors

  1. Prioritise Discipleship – The church in ESPA may be wide but not always deeply rooted in the gospel. Pray that discipleship would be a priority of the church, particularly where false teaching and misleading gospels abound.
  2. Raising up the next generation – Being a region with one of the youngest populations, pray for the next generation to be raised in the ways of the Lord, and continue to be devoted to walking in His ways.
  3. God’s ongoing provision – With ongoing economic pressure, poverty, and disease, pray that God would supply all our needs according to his riches in glory. (Philippians 4:19)

Regional Directors

Esther Chengo

Co-Regional Director for EPSA

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Stephen Mbogo

Regional Director for EPSA

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