Sujatha Elizabeth Balasundaram

Catalyst for Arts

South Asia

Sujatha Elizabeth Balasundaram is an eager learner, which contributes greatly to her enjoyment of teaching. Her diverse background in visual communication, education, and leadership is reflected in the work she does through Artreponses.com. Her creativity is showcased through design projects, paintings, workshops, webinars, exhibitions, and art products. She is passionate about diving into the Word and empowering the people in front of it. She has effectively integrated visual arts with theology, presenting at conferences, and creating gallery spaces for visual reflection. Her most recent research is in the area of peacebuilding through visual arts. Sujatha’s solid foundation in visual communication and passion for teaching and leadership enable her to excel in fostering creativity and innovation in diverse settings.

She is blessed to be married to Uday Balasundaram, a fellow Jesus-lover, and care for their two absolutely amazing girls, Nadira and Aradhya, who keep her grounded and are her best and most sincere cheerleaders.