Héber Fernandes Negrão

Online Language Coordinator


Héber Negrão is a missionary ethnomusicologist serving at the Evangelical Missionary Linguistic Association (Brazil). He is a member of the Global Ethnodoxology Network and the Arts Task Force of the WEA Mission Commission. He has worked with oral Bible translation for six years among indigenous people in northern Brazil.

Héber holds a MA in ethnomusicology and is working toward his PhD in world arts at Dallas International University. He has been involved in the ethnoarts ministry in Brazil since 2006. His passion is to see every people praising God using their own arts in a culturally appropriate way.

In 2016 Héber participated in Lausanne’s Young Leaders Gathering in Jakarta. After that, he joined the Lausanne Communications Team as a volunteer, and in 2020 he joined Lausanne’s staff as online language coordinator.

Héber is married to Sophia, and they have 2 young kids.