Cape Town 2010 Global Conversation Article Index

Christianity Today International and the Lausanne Movement jointly published a special series called ‘The Global Conversation’ in the months leading up to Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization to help prepare the global church for the issues to be addressed at the Congress. Each lead article had several commissioned responses, and was published by dozens of publications around the world.

October 2009 – The whole gospel – What do we need to relearn from Scripture and from global theological reflection about the “whole gospel” that is the heart of evangelization?

November 2009 – True prosperity and the true gospel – How does the “prosperity gospel” require us to articulate biblical truth more clearly and compellingly, and what are the promises of the gospel for the materially poor?

December 2009 – Muslim-background believers and the nature of conversion – How do new models of Muslim conversion challenge our assumptions about mission and contextualization?

January 2010 – A word to the West from the global church – What do global church leaders most want those us in the “West” to hear and learn? What are the elements that make for fruitful and lasting partnerships across substantial differences of wealth and power?

February 2010 – Claiming the truth in a world of relativism – What is the most effective Christian response to resurgent atheism and relativism in the West?

March 2010 – How Christians relate to Islam and Muslims – What are models for Christian–Muslim relationships?

April 2010 – The power of the whole gospel – How can prison ministry amidst hardened gang members in Guatemala remind us of the true power of the gospel—and challenge churches that have become complacent about true evangelization?

May 2010 – Migration and ethnic conflict – What may God be doing and teaching us in an age of unprecedented movement of peoples? What word of hope can the global church hear from Christians whose societies and communities have been wracked by genocidal violence?

June 2010 – Technology and humanity – How will the church respond to humanity’s accelerating ability to technologically reshape human bodies and human experience?

July 2010 – Care for creation – What is our calling toward the non-human created world, and how does that play a part in world evangelization? Are there distinctively Christian contributions to the environmental movement (e.g., the reclamation of Sabbath)?

August 2010 – Christ and suffering – How does persistent suffering challenge and change our discipleship and evangelism?

September 2010 – The 21st-century reformation of the church – Who do evangelicals need to become in order to rise to the challenges of the coming decades?